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projects and infrastructure


Counseling to a joint venture formed by MHC Ingeniería y Construcciones de Obras Civiles and Constructora MECO in three bidding processes summoned by the National Infrastructure Agency to grant a Concession of three toll highway projects, all of which ended in the award of the concession agreements to our clients.


Counseling to joint ventures formed by MCH, MECO, Construcciones el Condor and Pavimentos Colombia, in the process of setting the concessionaires, negotiating the associated agreements, as well as structuring project finance for three toll highway concession agreements awarded by the National Infrastructure Agency.


Counseling Consorcio MASA (an ACS Group Company) and Acciona in the management an agreement with Ecopetrol for the construction, set-up, supply and start-up of the 30” Apiay – Monterrey Oil Pipeline for the San Fernando - Monterrey system.


Counseling to Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional in the development and structuring of the Project for the award of an agreement for the Deepening and Expansion of the Access Channel to the Bay of Cartagena and in structuring the tender process for auditing the project.

Gobierno Nacional

Counseling the National Government in the risk assessment process of the concession of the Third Public Television Channel.


Counseling the Mota-Engil Ingeniería y Construcción construction group in all its tendering processes, structuring, draft, negotiation and execution of its Infrastructure and Utilities projects in Colombia.


Counseling MHC and MECO in 22 pre-qualification processes to grant the Concession of the same number of public/private association projects of public initiative roads summoned by the National Infrastructure Agency.

Cal y Mayor y Asociados

Counseling Cal y Mayor y Asociados in tendering processes to award the comptrollership of eight concessions of road infrastructure organized by the ANI (National Infrastructure Agency) within the framework of the fourth generation road projects.


Counseling the Grupo Mota-Engil Ingeniería y Construcción in the structuring of the Project for the construction of three small hydroelectric plants (PHC).

Consorcio PCP

Counseling the Consorcio PCP (formed by Constructora OAS and GRODCO) in managing the Improvement, Social Management, Property and Enviromental Agreement of the Transversal Corridor of the Libertador Phase 2 Project for the Priorities for Prosperity Program with INVIAS.

Cenit S.A.

Counseling Cenit S.A. an Ecopetrol subsidiary, in determining the applicable law and in its networks risk assessment.

Ashmore Managment Company

Counseling the Ashmore Management Company, a private equity fund, in the revision of a naval sector company and its part in a transportation bidding process in Colombia.


Counseling Fonade in its privatization process through the sale to Antioquia’s Development Institute (Instituto para el Desarrollo de Antioquia´s) of its stake in Dann Regional S.A., Fondo de Garantías and FGA.

Ayuntamiento de Tijuana

Counseling Ayuntamiento de Tijuana – Baja California – México in the process of structuring the BRT Public Passenger System.