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Abogados bogotá
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Energy and natural resources

Pacific Power Generation

Acquisition of a controlling stake of Genser Power Inc. by Pacific Power Generation; a company which provides power solutions to industrial and commercial sectors.


Counseling in the acquisition of a small hydroelectric central and in the assessment of different acquisition processes.

Genser Power Inc

Counseling Genser Power Inc in structuring various processes in the power sector and in structuring independent power generating processes (self-generation and co-generation).

Termotasajero II

Counseling Termotasajero II in structuring the necessary agreements for the banking of the Termotasajero II power generation plant.


Legal counseling in the construction of a power grid.


Legal counseling to participate in the process summoned by Hidroarma to award and agreement for the financing, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of two Hydroelectric Power Stations with a combined capacity of 174 MW under a BOOMT.

Boyle Energy Services & Technology, Inc

Counseling in the structuring process to render services to the Cartagena refinery.

Supernova Energy Services

General counseling in Energy related processes.


Counseling GFD SUEZ in valuating opportunities in the power sector in Colombia.

Axure technologies

Counseling Axure Technologies in operating and structuring the rendering of services to oil companies.

Energy Consulting Services

Counseling Energy Consulting Services in its process to enter the Colombian market.

Empresa de Energía de Bogotá

Legal and tax planning counseling to Empresa de Energía de Bogotá (along with BNP Paribas) in the process of offer and acquisition of ISAGEN.

Nexus Capital Partners

Counseling to Nexus Capital Partners Private Equity Fund in the acquisition process of a Small Hydroelectric Plant.

Coca Cola FEMSA, Praxair y Genser Power

Counseling Coca Cola FEMSA, Praxair and Genser Power in the structuring and assessment process for the construction and operation of a power plant.

Mota-Engil Ingeniaría

Counseling to Mota-Engil Ingeniería y Construcción Group in the structuring of the Project to build 3 small hydroelectric plants.

Super Servicios

Project Development to build, operate, rehabilitate, maintain and invest in infrastructure to provide the Natural Gas utility in Bosconia and Copey Municipalities in the Department of Cesar and in the Algarrobo, Sabanas de San Angel and Chibolo